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Ohio Renters Coverages

Your landlord’s insurance covers only their property. That’s why it’s important to protect your own belongings, contents and avoid any property liability you may have through a Columbus Ohio renters insurance policy. Your landlord can require you to purchase and retain this coverage, so it’s best to know your options and get set up with the right premium for your budget.

  • Personal Property Coverage
  • Contents Coverage

  • Liability Coverage

  • Loss of Use
Personal Property
Additional Living Expenses

Why do you need renters insurance?

Most Columbus Ohio landlords require minimum renters insurance coverage. If an accident happened, you wouldn’t want to cover your landlord’s loss or deal with replacing all your belongings.

Even though it may not be legally mandated, it’s important to get renters insurance in Columbus so your property and valuables are protected. Renters insurance can cover replacing your belongings if there’s an accident or loss, can cover any medical liability payments if an accident happens in the rental and you’re held legally liable, and can help you in the event you’re unable to access or use the facilities in your rental. Plus? It gives your landlord peace of mind – and often, they require renters insurance!

Columbus renters insurance will help replace your property if something happens to your rental, and will protect you from liability should a visitor injure themselves on the property.

How do we make buying renters insurance easy?

No matter your situation – whether you’re a student, an individual new to Columbus or part of a family renting a home – we can help! We know Columbus Ohio renters insurance and we’ve written policies in this area for over a decade.

We work with multiple carriers so you don’t have to. It’s our job to work with you on itemizing your property and giving you coverage recommendations based on what we see. We can dig into how carriers estimate the cash value of your property and how we can benefit you in the long run. Best of all, we have years of experience doing this for our Columbus, OH customers. We can help you find the right renters policy for you and your family!

We can help you itemize your personal property to ensure you get the absolute best coverage, and can replace your items in the event of loss. We’ll also work to help you get the best premiums possible.

Campus Rentals Insurance Coverage

Typical landlords for Ohio State students will require renters policies that include coverages for:

Personal property coverage, liability, loss of use and med pay coverages. We’ll work with you to get an itemized list of your property, and will help you determine if our typical coverage amount is right for you.

$100,000 for injury liability. It may seem like a lot, but as you know, the medical liability can really set you back. If someone is injured in your rental, and you end up having to pay for the cost, you don’t want to make those payments out of pocket.

We also typically recommend $1000 in Loss of Use coverage, so you can take care of your basic living necessities if you lose access to your rental due to things like renovations or serious weather complications.

We love working with our OSU students and we know the campus neighborhoods. We can help you and your parents get the best possible rates for your new apartment near OSU, so your property is protected and you can focus on making your time at OSU the best possible.

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