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columbus ohio home insurance quotes


From dwelling coverage to personal liability insurance – here’s everything there is to know about Columbus home insurance!

We’re incredibly excited to dissect the Ohio homeowners insurance since Columbus is the birthplace of Insurance Geek, as some of you may know! You’ll find the cheapest home insurance rates and companies in Ohio listed down below – along with important info that will help you choose the ideal plan for insuring your future.

You’ll learn more about:

  • Comparing insurance quotes
  • The possible perils that might cause damage to your home
  • Which coverage types should be included in your policy
  • Why is homeowners insurance so important in Ohio

Keep scrolling and get valuable insight into homeowners insurance Columbus Ohio !

Highlight Box: Columbus homeowners insurance helps you cover property damage, loss of use issues, replacement cost coverage, personal liability – and so much more!

Homeowners insurance companies in Ohio require several critical pieces of information to tailor a coverage plan that works for their clients – and we’ll need some of that information to get your insurance quotes and help you save money, too. We made the process as simple as possible, though!

Details About The Home And Customer

Your name, date of birth, and email – or any other contact information – are necessary to start the process. You’ll also be required to provide your exact address and time spent living in that location, followed by the number of people occupying the residence.

Several other factors could play an important role here, such as whether you own any pets or if you work from home. Other pieces of information won’t be necessary – but be sure that everything mentioned above is readily accessible.

It may seem slightly inconvenient at first. But we can assure you – that everything happening before, during, and after the process of getting your insurance quotes will be a low-pressure experience!

After you finish this quick, 60-second task, our calculator will present you with a relatively precise value of how much it will cost you to sign up for home insurance in Ohio, Columbus.

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On average, Ohio homeowners insurance rates are $1,117 annually for homeowners insurance with $250,000 in dwelling coverage. Granted, certain elements can affect the rise or fall of the previously mentioned number – but Insurance Geek can help you navigate the world of insurance products.

Find out more about this below!

Shop Exclusive Carriers

When it comes to choosing carriers, at Insurance Geek, we highly value our customers – people from all walks of life. That’s why we’ve made sure to partner up with leading US insurance carriers to get them the best deals.

If you’re interested in finding the best cheapest home insurance companies in Columbus that offer the best rates, then we recommend either Nationwide or Safeco.

As exclusive carriers, they offer home insurance plans covering nearly all necessary homeowners insurance Columbus Ohio and home insurance coverage options in Ohio.

Fill Out Only One Quote Form

As we previously mentioned, your time means a lot to us. We cooperate with the best local insurance agents – and working with us will place you in a favorable position when it’s time to buy the right insurance products.

We offer quick quotes – available by filling out only one quote form. That’s the least we can do.

We can get quotes from our trusted carriers with just one click of a button.

New homeowners can expect competitive rates – and existing homeowners will discover deep savings on premiums.

Customized, Friendly Service

Whether you’re a new homeowner or not, the best homeowners insurance in Columbus is just a click away.

Whether you’re living in Columbus proper or the suburbs, we work with carriers to present you with the best possible home insurance policy. It doesn’t matter if you’re a relatively new homeowner – or looking for a better rate on your existing policy – Insurance Geek can help!

We make it easy. You won’t be asked to fill out multiple quote forms or receive calls from agents all day. We’re a company with a small, dedicated team of agents in Columbus working on bringing you the best rates.

Ohio Home Coverages

Columbus, Ohio, home insurance protects you in the event of a catastrophe in your home – or on your property. Furthermore, it covers any losses to your personal property – and covers you for any liability in your home, too.

You pay the insurance company a premium – and they’ll take care of your reported loss.

For now, focus on remembering the following types of home coverages, most of which are a must-have and shouldn’t be classified as “additional coverage” or “optional coverage.”

Coverage A – Dwelling Coverage

Were you in a situation where your deck or porch was damaged?

If so, dwelling coverage kicks in as the primary mechanism used to repair the damage on the attached structures of your house, as well as the main unit – the house.

On the off chance of your house being entirely destroyed, you’ll need enough dwelling coverage to rebuild it from scratch because that gets costly. Stuff like tax assessment and the market value of your house all go towards calculating the amount necessary for repairment – all of which are accessible through our insurance quote calculator.

Dwelling coverage should generally be based on the replacement cost of the property. Going below that will undeniably cause long-term financial harm, so don’t second-guess yourself if it’s worth it or not when purchasing home insurance.

Coverage B – Separate Structures

When disaster strikes, your home might not be the only part of your property that’s at risk – separate structures might be affected, too.

So, what are your insurance options when it comes to other structures’ coverage?

Well, the replacement cost coverage for swimming pools and many other structures like storage buildings all fall under the scope of the separate structure coverage.

In Columbus, this type of coverage is typically around 10% of your dwelling coverage amount.

Coverage C – Personal Property Coverage

Personal property is arguably the first thing most people think about when a peril occurs. Repairing or replacing your belongings, like clothing and furniture, will be covered by your homeowners’ insurance policy.

It may also include coverage for valuable items. Safeco, for example, offers Valuable Articles Coverage, while Nationwide has the Valuable Plus policy for that same reason.

Coverage D – Loss Of Use

What happens when you need to temporarily relocate to a new home, as your current home is inhabitable for the time being due to damage?

That’s when having this type of coverage as part of your home insurance policy comes in handy, as it reimburses the costs incurred during the period when you’re unable to use your home.

Finding yourself in this situation might seem devastating. Fortunately, loss of use coverage will provide support and ensure that you don’t have to pay for stuff like grocery or restaurant bills, transportation, and staying at a hotel out-of-pocket.

Coverages E – Personal Liability Coverage

When it comes to liability coverage, having it as a last resort is necessary whenever you’re found liable for damages or sued by someone following an accident. It essentially helps you cover the legal fees and associated costs.

Columbus residents should aim for at least $300,000 to $500,000 worth of liability coverage – even if the minimum amount is $100,000.

Coverages F – Medical Payments

If an accidental injury does occur on your property – medical payment coverage is a must-have.

In the meantime, you won’t need to worry about the nature and cause of the accident, as medical payment coverage pays to treat all people, no matter who’s at fault – if you decide to go with MedPay coverage, that is. This type of coverage kicks in even if a family member or a pet injures someone while away from home. As for the guest medical limit, it’s usually found between $1,000 and $5,000.

To find out the precise number in Columbus – feel free to use our quotes calculator!

What Are The Common Causes Of Loss In Columbus?

Compared to most other states and cities, Ohio’s Columbus has significantly less risk for property loss. Still, there are several risks that might occur – depending on how bad the weather gets in the Buckeye State.


As a Midwestern region of the United States, Ohio is prone to some flood risks, especially in the southern area of the state. Columbus is located near the center of the state, though, and with that location, there’s a slim chance of a flooding accident happening.

Still, a slim chance is a chance on its own. Remember this:

Regular state homeowners insurance won’t provide you with flood insurance, although most parts of Ohio are included in the National flood insurance program.

Even though a flood risk is exceptionally slim, having flood insurance is recommended. Most insurance companies do not offer flood insurance and you need to get this through FEMA. You can add water backup coverage to your home insurance policy, however.


With an average of 19 tornadoes per year, Ohio has its fair share of potential dwelling coverage claims. Just because Ohio isn’t a part of the “Tornado Alley,” it doesn’t give you the luxury of assuming that someday your house won’t be unintentionally damaged by Mother Nature.

Just like flood insurance, insuring yourself from potential damage caused by tornadoes isn’t available in standard Columbus home coverage. You’ll need to search homeowners insurance Columbus Ohio separately.

Winter Storms

Cold and brutal temperatures? Heavy snows and ice storms? Ohio residents are familiar all too well with these problems. Unfortunately, if the circumstances allow it, there are instances where power outages and roof damage are reported.

If you’ve experienced these issues in the past, we highly recommend that you contact one of our trusted carriers and see if they could cover your house from winter storms.

Other types of policies that you might want to consider include:

  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage – Excellent to have at all times, and it’s relatively cheap, too!
  • Identity Theft Coverage – Identity theft protection policy protects you from all kinds of cyberattacks.
  • Underground Service Lines Coverage – It offers financial assistance for damaged below-ground service lines going from your house to the street for water, heating, and Internet connections, for example.
  • Earthquake Insurance Coverage – It isn’t regularly sought after in Ohio, as there are minimal reported earthquakes annually. Still, if you wish to be secured from roof to bottom, then consider earthquake coverage, as well.

Why Do You Need Ohio Home Insurance?

Disaster can strike at any time. Whether it’s something minor that happens to your home (or entire property) or a fire, tornado, or any other catastrophic weather event, you don’t want to be on the hook for rebuilding your home and pay the total replacement cost out of pocket.

Because anything could happen, it’s hard to put a price on your peace of mind. What if you controlled that price tag, though?

When you work with agents like our Insurance Geek team, you get to pick and choose between trusted carriers that have been in the business for 100+ years and work with us to create a policy that fits your coverage needs – and your bank account. It’s possible to get protection for your family that secures your personal belongings – and works with your budget.

You shouldn’t have to pick between those two things.

What if someone is injured in your home – and you’re deemed liable? You could pay hundreds of thousands out-of-pocket to cover the medical and other expenses without homeowners coverage.

Lenders also require some level of coverage – so it’s best to ensure you’re protected.

Who Are The Best Home Insurance Companies In Ohio?

As we previously stated, among the best homeowners insurance companies in Ohio, Nationwide Insurance company and Safeco hold the title of the best and cheapest home insurance companies operating in Columbus.

Other home insurance companies we can recommend to the residents of Columbus are as follows:

  • Chubb Insurance
  • Safeco Insurance
  • Nationwide Insurance
  • Cincinnati Insurance
  • Openly Insurance
  • Branch Insurance
  • Hippo Insurance

Any insurance companies mentioned above would be a reliable choice when purchasing home insurance in Ohio. But, if you’re interested in the cheapest homeowners insurance companies that can guarantee success, then stick to Nationwide, Branch and Safeco Insurance.

As you go about choosing a new insurance carrier, know that you’ll always have access to a local agent available to answer your questions and discuss your concerns.

Who Needs Homeowners Insurance In Columbus?

The short answer is – everyone. Ohio homeowners should be purchasing homeowners insurance as soon as they become – well, homeowners. The same applies to any other homeowner across the state. Without home insurance, you’ll be left paying for everything – including replacement cost – out of pocket.

Consider purchasing – or revisiting – a homeowners policy if:

You’re buying a new home

Buying a new home should always be a fun and exciting experience – whether you’re searching for a home in Columbus or anywhere else in Ohio. It’s a great family-friendly town to buy a house in.

But buying a new house is only half the battle – and it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re all set. For you to be safe in your new home, you’ll need to acquire and sign homeowners insurance with reliable insurance companies as soon as possible.

You’re at the end of your policy period and looking at new options

Here’s something you should know about home insurance:

Most standard homeowners insurance policies last between five to seven years. You’ll rarely find options for a homeowners insurance policy that will last shorter or longer than that.

And because of that, it’s vital to remember when your homeowners’ policy is near its expiration date; missing the renewal date might cause you long-term financial harm.

Policy renewal is an excellent opportunity to assess your current insurer and coverage limits and see if your insurance policy still meets all your coverage needs – or if it’s time for a change.

You just got married or had a significant life change

Maybe you just got married, or you became a parent – either way, you recently went through some major life changes. And that means it’s time to look into new insurance policies – especially things that your current insurer doesn’t cover.


Homeowners’ insurance can be extremely valuable for individuals involved in rental properties – such as landlords and condo owners. As their day-to-day duties can get extremely stressful, having any type of financial assistance will provide them with an unrivaled feeling of ease.

No one should be more interested in home insurance than landlords and condo owners. Homeowners insurance in Ohio for landlords and condo owners should be governed by the cheapest home insurance companies – a moto from one of our trusted carriers. And we couldn’t agree more!

Most of the time, they’ll be using their personal property when forming contracts with individuals interested in renting their place. That on its own should be more than enough to explain why homeowners insurance is one of their best allies.

Dwelling owners have similar needs, too. No matter how big – or small – the property might be, home insurance should be their primary consideration.

How Do We Make Getting Homeowners Insurance Easy?

We make getting the right home insurance for you. It’s not merely about the premium and the coverage – it’s about your future.

So, are you looking to renovate? Is your current protection right for the cost of reconstruction in Columbus, Ohio? What other personal factors can we look into to help you save money?

Insurance Geek works with carriers across the US to come up with the exact quotes you and your family require – no more, no less. We’ll work with you to itemize your home items so that we may help you replace your personal property – in a way that won’t leave you paying out of pocket for your most needed items. We can also recommend extra coverage for any particular item – if needed, of course.

Working with a team who knows homeowners insurance in Columbus inside and out ensures we won’t miss any steps – and we’ll be able to set you up with coverage that will help you sleep much more peacefully at night.

How To Get The Best Homeowners Insurance In Columbus

Insurance Geek will guide you from that first step to the last – just fill out our quote form, and we’ll send you multiple quotes from different carriers, all competing for your business.

Once you’ve got your quotes in hand, we can work with you to discuss your family’s specific situation.

Do you need additional lines like auto insurance to increase your savings? Will more coverage help you? Are there other discounts we could assist you with right now?

Homeowners insurance Columbus Ohio discounts are accessible.

We have one piece of advice to pair your car insurance with homeowners insurance. You get much better rates when you use the same company to bundle homeowners and auto insurance. Aiming for individual standard coverage from multiple different companies will just empty your wallets unnecessarily.

We’ll go over the fine print, too, so that you know what your policy covers, and we’ll help you get more coverage – or save on insurance premiums – as much as you require for your specific policy. Insurance Geek’s here to make insurance easier for you!

And no, we don’t want you on the phone with multiple agents wasting your valuable time, blowing up your phone with texts or emails, or competing in a way that interferes with your life. We give your info to the carriers – and take care of it for you.

Insurance Geek is here to get our customers in Columbus the best homeowners insurance policies possible. So, let’s discuss how we can get you and your family set up today!

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With an annual rate of $1,117, Homeowners insurance Columbus Ohio managed to position itself right in the middle – between the highest and lowest rates for homeowners insurance across the state.

With an annual rate lower than the state average and national average, the Ohio department did a phenomenal job providing its residents with accessible insurance rates.

Of course, you can always seek even lower insurance rates – by choosing one of our top-rated carriers and bundling several types of coverage, such as auto insurance and home insurance.

The potential is limitless with us. So, join us today if you’re interested in comparing the cheapest insurance rates with our free quotes generator! WE can also help with your Renter Insurance Policy.

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