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When you’re running a business in Columbus, you can expect the unexpected. From general to liability coverage, we understand the importance of keeping business intact and protected with affordable business insurance.

We know how grueling it can be to learn all the policies and procedures when it comes to opening a business in Ohio – then you have to get the right business insurance to make sure you’re protected. It can feel like a whole new world.

It’s as easy as filling out just one form. We can get you several competitive quotes at once, and we won’t blow up your phone or email with them. You deal with one commercial insurance agent directly!

Spend your day shopping or let us do the research for you! We can’t wait to connect you with the right insurance policy for your business.

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Ohio Business Coverages

Your Ohio Business Insurance policy protects you from damage to your business both physically and liability-wise. Rather than allowing a simple mistake to cost you, or a physical catastrophe to shut you down, it makes sense to get a policy that keeps the doors open and can even help provide for lost income in case of an emergency.

  • Coverage for General Liability
  • Professional Liability Coverage
  • Workers Comp Coverage
Property Coverage
General Liability Coverage
Income Coverage
Errors & Omissions
Employee Coverage

Why do you need commercial insurance?

Your business is more than just a passion. It provides for you and your family. When it’s not healthy, you feel it in so many other areas of your life.

Errors and accidents happen, and business owners are required to provide Workers Comp insurance in Ohio for this exact reason. When your business experiences an accident, catastrophe or a financial disaster, your insurance coverage protection for your business can kick in and assist you when you need it most.

The right business coverage is about more than a policy – it’s about peace of mind. Any business loss you incur has the potential to trickle down personally, so making sure you’re set up with the right coverage can protect you even when the worst happens. You put in the hard work, and we’re glad to keep you covered by ensuring an accident, injury, catastrophe or other issue doesn’t shut you down.

Ohio Business Insurance Coverages

Businesses in Ohio are required to carry workers comp insurance, and businesses utilizing a company car must carry commercial auto insurance. The auto coverage minimums for commercial vehicles are:

  • $25,000 bodily injury liability per person.

  • $50,000 bodily injury liability per accident.

  • $25,000 property damage liability per accident.

Workers Comp
Property Damage
Ohio Business Liability

How do we set you up with the right policy?

Our business is Columbus, OH based, so we know the ins and outs of the industry here. We carry the same insurance coverage we’re quoting you for, and we’ve set up our own business policies, as well as policies across verticals.

Every business in Columbus is different, and we’ve worked with all types of different industries – very likely, we’ve written a policy in your industry. We know how to set you up to get you covered for your autos, workers comp, liability protection and how to protect your general overall business. For us, it’s easy. We do this every day.

It’s very unlikely you have a situation we haven’t heard of or dealt with. With just one form fill, we can get you competitive quotes for your industry regardless of your situation. Let’s chat and get you set up with the right business policy!

How do I get the best business insurance in Columbus?

All you have to do to start is fill out our short quote form. You’ll only deal with one person at CIM, and we’ll get you multiple quotes from all carriers who work our business lines.

After your quotes come in, we’ll talk to you about what we’re seeing and will review your particular circumstances. Do you need additional riders? What about providing health insurance for your employees, which could allow you to save by opening other lines? What other discounts are available? We can answer all this and more.

We’ll go over the fine print so you know your policy details, then we’ll talk coverage so we can get you the best premium for your specific needs. It’s easy! You won’t have different agents calling you day and night, texting you or competing for you – we work with the carriers to have them do that for you, then we bring you the results. We cover it all.

We truly enjoy getting our Columbus clients fixed up with the best business insurance we can find. Let’s get your business protected today!

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