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Get cheap car insurance rates in Columbus Ohio.

Each state has minimum requirements regarding auto insurance that drivers must have to be legally on the road. Liability and property damage coverage are mandatory in Columbus, OH, while medical payments coverage is optional – but preferable.

Now, imagine if you could complete a single quote form and get car insurance rates from several auto insurance companies at once. Well, you can do that now.

You can spend days shopping for auto insurance – or you can let us handle it. We provide car insurance quotes in Columbus – and we can help you get the best rates available for each driver in your home based on your unique situation!

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Columbus Ohio Auto Coverages

Columbus, Ohio, car insurance essentially protects you against financial loss following an accident. It’s an official contract between you and your auto insurance company of choice.

You agree to pay the premium – and the insurance company agrees to cover your losses as defined in your policy.

Property Damage

Property damage coverage covers the driver for any financial liability that happens once they get into a car accident and cause damage to someone else’s property or vehicle.

This liability helps the driver assume financial responsibility for the damage. Some examples include:

  • Repairs caused to the other driver’s vehicle
  • Fixing the damage or destruction to fences, houses, etc.
  • Legal fees included in the property claim
  • Lost income from a business closure
  • Other recurring expenses

Personal Injury

Like medical payments, Personal Injury Protection (PIP) covers medical payments plus reimbursement for lost wages.

Columbus OH, unfortunately, doesn’t have PIP. So, the only way to get compensated for external costs is through the other driver’s liability insurance.

Medical Payments

Medical payments coverage is the optional coverage that pays for medical expenses up to a certain limit. In Columbus, OH, MedPay coverage covers your medical bills regardless of who was at fault. It ensures that the treatment you need is covered – while you’re still getting compensated.

Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist

Although the state of Ohio requires all drivers to purchase liability insurance, some drivers still choose to break the law. It may happen that you get injured in a hit-and-run accident, and the minimum Ohio coverage per year is not enough to cover the costs.

Don’t get confused, though. This coverage is optional in Columbus – but the insurance company is still required to offer it to you. If you decide to reject the offer, you’ll have to do it in writing.

Still, we recommend getting it as part of your policy. Why?

It’s usually cheap – and the average costs of the accident tend to be pretty high.

Comprehensive & Collision

These are two types of insurance coverage that should be a part of your full-coverage policy in Columbus.

Collision coverage helps the driver pay for the damage caused in a crash – and comprehension helps pay for non-crash damage such as natural disasters, vandalism, and the like.

It’s crucial to note that these two types of coverages are not required by law in Columbus. However, if your vehicle is leased – you might want to consider it.

Compare Rates By Company

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Columbus Average Insurance Rates By Company

Coverage requirements and car insurance costs differ from company to company. While some services offer less expensive auto policies, others keep their insurance rates for products rather high.

The point is that you should keep your eyes fixed on the best Columbus OH car insurance company for YOU.

Here are some top companies in Columbus Ohio and their average premiums for minimum and full coverage:

  • Allstate: $357/$1,292
  • American Family: $388/$865
  • Auto Owners: $325/$1,035
  • Celina:$329/$1,260
  • Central: $446/$1,162
  • Donegal: $474/$994
  • Erie: $259/$974
  • Farmers: $357/$913
  • Geico: $306/$843
  • State Farm: $288/$906
  • USAA: $247/$820

How Do I Calculate The Car Insurance Premium?

When calculating auto insurance premiums, your insurance company’s agents take several factors into consideration. Your auto insurance rates will depend on:

  • Age: Your age determines the likelihood of you needing insurance. Car insurance premiums tend to be higher for younger people because they’re more likely to get involved in car accidents.
  • Types and amount of coverages: The type of auto policy you’re interested in affects the average rate of your premium. For example, if you want full coverage, you’ll have to pay a higher rate – but you might still be eligible for car insurance discounts.
  • Personal information: Your personal information is another factor used for determining auto insurance rates. The insurance company agents will look at your credit history, zip code, lifestyle, marital status, credit cards, DUI records, health, and the like.
  • Actuarial tables: Actuaries are professionals within the insurance company who assess the risk and financial loss. They use mathematics and statistics to determine whether or not to insure an individual.

How Does Credit Score Affect My Car Insurance?

Essentially, there are three tiers to auto insurance – preferred, standard and substandard.

Insurance scores, also known as “credit tier,” play a significant role in calculating your premiums.

For example, “preferred policyholders” will generally pay a lot less in insurance rates. They have years of experience and haven’t been involved in accidents. They also handle all their responsibilities with diligence, and their credit utilization is below 30%.

Why Do You Need Car Insurance In Columbus?

A car insurance policy is really about protecting yourself financially as a driver.

If you get in an accident or your car gets stolen, it costs money – often a lot of money – to fix or replace it. And if you or any passengers are injured in an accident, medical costs could get extremely costly.

Furthermore, comprehensive coverage ensures that you’re protected when dealing with annoyances – from a broken windshield to random cracks, dings, and dents. You shouldn’t have to pay for every one of those minor nuisances out of pocket.

We can help!

If you’re responsible for any damage or injury to others, you might be sued for more than you’re worth. Not only is having an insurance policy a prudent financial decision, but many states also require you to have at least some coverage.

Ohio State Minimum Car Insurance Coverage Limits

The Ohio state minimum liability car insurance limits you must purchase are:

  • $25,000 in bodily injury liability coverage per person
  • $50,000 in bodily injury liability coverage per accident
  • $25,000 in property damage liability coverage per accident

How Do We Make Your Insurance Life Easier In Columbus?

We want to ensure that you get the best car insurance coverage possible – so we’ve partnered with insurance carriers to get you quotes without you doing the legwork.

Why go to that expense when you can get an auto insurance policy in Columbus that will protect you and your family in minutes?

We make it easy for you by providing multiple quotes at once. And all you’ll have to do to get these quotes is fill out one simple form.

You’ll find that minimum coverages often aren’t enough – so we’ll work with you to ensure you’re genuinely covered in the event of an accident or injury.

How Do I Get Cheap Car Insurance In Columbus, OH?

Your first step is simple:

Just fill out our quick-and-convenient quote form – and we’ll get you set up with as many quotes as we can from our carriers in Columbus, OH.

Once you have your quotes, we’ll discuss the particulars of your situation with you – things like:

  • Would you need supplemental auto insurance riders?
  • Can you add other lines?
  • What kinds of insurance discounts can we get you?
  • Can you add Renters Insurance and Home Insurance discounts?

We’ll explain all the car insurance in Columbus fine print to you, so you genuinely understand your policy. Then, we’ll help you add and subtract coverage as needed to get you the right premium for you and your family.

It really is that simple!

No calls from multiple agents, no emails and texts, and no competing companies that you’ll need to deal with. We take care of that for you.

We love getting Columbus drivers set up with the best possible car insurance policies. Let’s see how we can help you with your car insurance rates! We work with drivers from all over Columbus (including OSU) to get the right policy – for you and any other licensed driver in your home.

Regardless of what kind of coverage you need – or what your specifics are – we can get you the best car insurance rates.

Our Columbus Car Insurance Companies

Some of the car insurance companies in Columbus, OH, that we can compare car insurance rates from to help you find the right policy are:

  • Safeco Insurance
  • Farmers Insurance
  • Progressive Insurance
  • Nationwide Insurance
  • Clearcover Insurance
  • Branch Insurance
  • State Farm
  • and more

We can get you liability coverage or make sure you meet the minimum coverage limits required by state law in Columbus, OH.

Get Car Insurance In Columbus OH Today

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Compare Rates Now

Looking into the best cheap car insurance in Columbus, talking to agents, and comparing different insurance rates can be a time-consuming job – especially if you don’t know where to start. We’ve done the research so that you don’t have to, though.

Columbus, OH, insurance companies help drivers protect themselves against financial losses that may occur if they have an accident. Before the car insurance premiums are calculated, insurance companies will have to look at some factors, including zip codes, health, DUI, and credit card history.

The Ohio average auto insurance cost depends on the company. If you stick with us, though, you’ll have the benefit of shopping multiple carriers – and getting quotes within seconds.

If you’re in Columbus, OH, and you’re looking for the best car insurance rates, compare quotes and calculate auto insurance premiums with us. We’ll dedicate our time to finding the best quotes by connecting you with the best carriers in the country!

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